Goldsheff Confido Tablets For Men



With Confido Tablets, you can experience a newfound sense of empowerment and enhance your male confidence. Our herbal supplement, crafted by Himalaya, a trusted name in natural healthcare, is specifically designed to support men’s overall well-being and confidence. Embrace the natural supplement for men that will help you reach your full potential.


Confido Tablets Price In Pakistan

Goldsheff Confido Tablets, you get a sufficient supply to support your journey towards greater self-confidence. Don’t let doubts stop you. Invest in your personal growth with the confidence-boosting power of Confido tablets. Discover the difference and unlock a world of possibilities. It’s time to take a step towards your greatness.

Goldsheff Confido Tablets For Men

Confido Tablets Uses

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • sexual asthenia
  • Male infertility
  • premature ejaculation
  • Loss of libido
Goldsheff Confido Tablets For Men

Confido Tablets How To Take

For men 18 years and older (1) one tablet in the morning and 1 tablet in the evening for 5 days, followed by 1 tablet in the evening or as directed by your doctor.

Goldsheff Confido Tablets For Men

Confido Tablets Benefits

  • Confido tablets are specifically designed to support the overall health and well-being of men.
  • The tablets are made from a blend of natural ingredients carefully selected for their beneficial properties.
  • Confido Tablets takes a holistic approach to men’s well-being by addressing various aspects such as fertility, performance and stamina.
  • It is an herbal supplement formulated with herbs known for their positive effects on men’s health.
  • Goldsheff is a well-known and trusted brand in the field of herbal healthcare, ensuring quality and reliability.
  • Each package contains 60 tablets, providing a convenient and sufficient supply.
  • Confido tablets are formulated with a focus on safety and effectiveness, offering a reliable solution to men’s health problems.
  • The tablets are intended to support sexual well-being by promoting healthy reproductive function and addressing related problems.
  • The tablets are easy to incorporate into your daily routine, with simple and convenient dosing instructions.
  • Confido tablets offer a comprehensive solution for men looking to improve their overall well-being and sexual health.
Goldsheff Confido Tablets For Men

Confido Tablets Ingredients

Tribulus Terrestris Extract: 200 mg, Omega 3: 50 mg, Maca root extract: 100 mg, Tongkat Ali Extract: 100 mg, Queberaquina Extract: 50 mg, Gingko biloba extract: 100 mg, Vitamin E: 50 mg, Vitamin C: 50 mg, Zinc oxide: 17 mg, L-Arginine: 100 mg, Vitamin D3: 100 mg, Selenium as sodium selenite: 75 mcg, L-Methylfolate: 400 mcg


Goldsheff Confido Tablets For Men

Confido Tablets Price In Pakistan

The price of confido tablets starts from Rs. 2000 to 3000.

Goldsheff Confido Tablets For Men


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