Durex Play Lubricant 50ml Cheeky Cherry


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Open the bundle by bending the syphon. Gently push a few buttons on your palms. Gently massage your privates and other parts of your body with Durex Play Cherry Lubricant Gel. You are free to use the item as often as you desire.


What is Durex play cheeky cherry for?

Durex Play Cherry Lubricant Gel moisturises your genital area for a smooth and spicy experience of pleasure for both you and your partner. This lubricating gel can be safely used with a range of condoms and sex toys for maximum pleasure at any time.

What is Cherry Durex Lube?

Time spent with your partner will taste better than ever thanks to the scented lubricant durex cherry. This delicious cherry-flavored lube is sugar-free, allowing you to repeatedly indulge in it while absolving yourself of any associated guilt. ideal for progressing oral sex. The two delectable varieties of durex play flavoured lube are sassy strawberry and cheeky cherry.

How come Durex Cherry Lube is suitable for me?

For those who enjoy providing oral sex but want to make it even more enjoyable, durex cherry lube is a good option. This product is ideal for every naughty occasion because it can be used as a standard lubricant for anal and vaginal intercourse in addition to oral sex.

Is it safe to use this product with condoms and toys?

Due to its water-based composition, durex cherry lube is suitable for use with both condoms and adult toys. Durex Play Lubricant 50ml Cheeky Cherry In Pakistan Make your sexual moments even tastier than you could have ever dreamed by using as many as you like in addition to your condoms and toys.


Can be used with rubber, latex and polyisoprene condoms and play toys. Free from toxins, artificial fragrances, and colourants. Durex Naturals Lube is made with 100 per cent natural ingredients and can help enhance your sexual experiences, increasing smoothness and comfort.

Durex Play Lubricant 50ml In Pakistan Durex massage & play intensify is a two-in-one massage gel and personal lubricant designed as a gentle full-body massage gel that absorbs into skin and easily washes off, and as a personal lubricant in more intimate areas to enhance the sensual experience for you and your partner.

Durex Play Lubricant 50ml Cheeky Cherry




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